The PLEC Project

The PELCRA Learner English Corpus (PLEC) is a research project run at the University of Łódź and funded by a grant from the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education (N N104 205039). PLEC is an electronic database containing samples of written and spoken learner English. The corpus makes it possible to analyse many aspects of the phonetic, lexico-grammatical and phraseological competence of Polish learners of English using quantiative and qualitative methods.


The Corpus

The PLEC corpus contains a total of 3 million words. Samples of learner English, such as essays, letters, MA theses and many other types of written compositions authored by Poles using English as a foreign language are represented in the corpus (2.8 million words). The corpus also features a 200 000 word time-aligned spoken subcorpus of learner English.


The corpus search and analysis tools developed within the project make it possible to address important research questions about the acquisition of English by Polish learners.


The PLEC project is focused on investigating the lexico-grammatical, phraseological and phonetic competence of Polish learners of English.