PLEC at PALC 2011

13 April 2011


The PLEC project was presented at the PALC 2011 conference by Piotr Pęzik.


Spoken data collection

 10 October 2011

Work on collecting spoken data for the corpus has started. We're planning to collect 200 000 words of spoken learner English within the project. In addition to  transcribing conversations with learners of English, we're also aligning them with the underlying recordings and marking up certain types of pronounciation errors. 


PLEC search engine

1 February 2012 

We have begun developing a dedicated corpus search engine for the PLEC corpus which will be made publicly available through an online interface later this year. The search engine will support basic and advanced queries using the syntactic annotation added to the corpus data.   A current demo version is available here.



11th July 2012

 The PLEC project was strongly represented at the TALC10 conference. Three research papers (two oral presentations and a poster) were presented by Piotr Pęzik, Magda Zając and Marek Molenda.




PLEC at Accents 2012

6 December 2012

 The spoken component of the PLEC corpus was presented at the Accents 2012 conference


PLEC Spoken subcorpus released

26th January 2013

We're pleased to announce  the release of the first verstion of the spoken subcorpus of PLEC. The transcriptions and media files are now  downloadable.



10th May 2013

 A paper about identifying confluence markers in the spoken sobcomponent of PLEC by Marek Molenda and Piotr Pęzik was presented at the PL-CALL conference.




PLEC at Corpus Linguistics 2013

 25th July 2013

The PLEC text and annotation mining tools were presented at the Corpus Linguistics 2013 conference in Lancaster. 




PLEC at LCR 2013

 29th September 2013

PLEC was presented at the Language Corpus Research conference in Bergen.